Willows 2

Over 41 921 ft2 of entire siding
7953, 19 AVE SW CALGARY, AB Bld 2

“The Willows” is a standout multi-family development in Calgary’s Spring Willow community, featuring five distinct buildings.

Three Stones Alliance is responsible for siding installations on buildings 2, 3, and 4, using top-tier materials like Longboard planks, Hardie panel, EZ-trims, Standing Seam metal, Z-girts, Soprema insulation, Blueskin, capping, tar paper, strapping.

Each building has 41,921 square feet of meticulous siding work completed.

Building 5 is currently underway, promising to seamlessly integrate with the project’s architectural vision.

As The Willows redefines modern living, Three Stones Alliance’s dedication to excellence shines through, shaping the landscape of Calgary’s Southwest.

The Willows on map


7953, 19 AVE SW CALGARY, AB Bld 2